Video Premiere | Dante – Beachcomber

Dante will return with their second album, I Wear Your Weight With Mine, on March 9th. Sean McLaughlin’s emotive songwriting has been paired with the production touch of Frightened Rabbit’s Andy Monaghan, producing results which sound like The National delivered in a Scottish accent. We’re delighted to bring you the video premiere for the latest single, ‘Beachcomber’. Though ‘brooding’ is one of the first words often attached to McLaughlin’s songs, he says the album – which takes its name from the lyrics of this song – is an upbeat one. “It is a hugely positive album,” he said. “How positive it is to have strong ties to other people, but how much of a responsibility this can feel at times. It’s about connection, when disconnection seems like an easier option.”

I Wear Your Weight With Mine will be released via Stitch Records.