Premiere | Violetta Zironi – Don’t Make Me a Fool

Violetta Zironi is a precocious singer-songwriter who’d come swinging out of the musical gates at a young age. Now 22, the artist began developing her own songs at 16-years-old. In that short span of six years since her humble beginnings, she’s gathered a massive following of over 115,000 social media followers between Facebook and Instagram. On top of that, Zironi’s talents have garnered the respect of Jack Savoretti and Ben E. King, both of whom she’s supported in concert.

As a follow-up to her last single, “Half Moon Lane”, For Folk’s Sake is happy to present Violetta Zironi’s second tune from off of her forthcoming EP. It’s called “Don’t Make Me a Fool”, and it’s a gorgeous, rolling love song where Zironi asks her partner to leave town and travel with her. With resplendent production courtesy of Tim Tautorat (The Kooks), Zironi soars on the tune, aching with an emotiveness that anyone who’s felt a yearning in their heart could sympathize with. A beautiful string section comes alive on the bridge around three minutes in, and the last forty seconds or so especially drive the song home.

“‘Don’t Make Me A Fool’ resumes my everyday life for the past 2 years,” says Violetta. “As a continuum to my last single ‘Half Moon Lane’, which referred to my attachment to a place, this new song refers to my relationship with a person that comes along the way with me.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)