Premiere | Magana – Inches Apart

Featuring stunning direction from director Lauren Finerman, the music video for Magana’s ‘Inches Apart’ perfectly accentuates the masterful embrace of emotive substance that is so very clearly a focal point for the artist when developing her music. With a quiet roar, the direction present in the video as its subjects dance their way through one beautiful landscape after the other encapsulates the hauntingly brooding nature of this melancholy track.

So says Magana on ‘Inches Apart’:

‘Unlike most of my songs, I wrote this in one day. It came up really naturally; I guess it was a topic that was weighing pretty heavily on my mind at the time. I had already recorded and was almost finished mixing a 3-song EP, but this felt like it needed to be on there as well so we tracked it in the living room and added it in.  A tube in my amp started rattling halfway through recording and we ended up sneaking into a friend’s apartment while she was out of town and taking her amp so that we could track the guitar part.  I wasn’t sure this little song was going to make it onto the EP but it turns out to be my favorite one.  Fun fact: I added the end harmonies because I remembered watching my friend layer vocals for a hot pockets commercial jingle and thought it was soooo cool.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm