News | Edwyn Collins movie ‘The Possibilities Are Endless’ prepares for release

possibilitiesThe tear jerking and raw account of former Orange Juice front man Edwyn Collins’ recovery from a debilitating stroke and the struggles he faced when attempting to recover his playing abilities are the subjects of a new movie from directors James Hall and Edward Lovelace (following up their collaboration on 2010’s Werewolves Across America) that hits UK cinemas from November 7th.

The Possibilities Are Endless chronicles Collins, best known for 1994 track ‘A Girl Like You,’ as he battles back from suffering from a haemorrhagic stroke in 2005. After six months in hospital, he lost his memory and his speech was hugely damaged, leaving him completely distanced from a career as an accomplished singer-songwriter.

Six years later, when filming began, Collins was still left in a battle to regain his speech and the film attempts to reconnect him with childhood memories of the Scottish village of Helmsdale.

The poignant trailer was released this week and you can see it here: