News | Jesca Hoop preparing new acoustic release

Jesca Hoop 2013 credit Shirlane Forrest SMALLJesca Hoop has announced a new album, Undress – an acoustic reworking of her 2009 release Hunting My Dress.

The Manchester-based Californian produced The Complete Kismet Acoustic, a stripped-down re-imagining of her Kismet album, earlier this year, and now Hunting My Dress is to receive the same treatment.

Hoop has set up a Pledge Music campaign to fund the new project, which is scheduled for release some time next year.

Hoop said: “My approach to performing my songs live changes considerably once I have separated them from the studio process and set them free in the live realm. Limitation plays a key role in determining what can be done. It becomes ever more clear that the song is paramount. Before any bell or whistle there must be a great tune in place to capture the imagination.

“It is my aim over the next few months to capture each song from Hunting My Dress in its most natural state – live – to bare and to tell these stories in a way you have not heard them before. Undress will strip back any adornment, shine a light on its very skin and put the heart of the work, the songs, to the test.”