Willkommen’s the Miserable Rich to release covers EP

Wilkommen Collective band The Miserable Rich are set to release an EP of cover versions.The five-piece will bring their folk-with-strings sound to four classic pop songs.

The four-song EP’s tracklisting is as follows:

‘Golden Brown’ – The Stranglers
‘Gigantic’ – Pixies

‘Shades’ – Iggy Pop

‘Sweet Dreams’ – Eurythmics

Frontman James de Malplaquet cites his earlier dalliance with a pop career, before forming The Miserable Rich, as the inspiration for the EP. He said: The band know all about my [pop] experience. We’re a pretty shameless bunch – as anyone who’s eavesdropped on one of our soundchecks will know. After a few beers, we’re prone to burst into string-based versions of anything from ACDC to Phil Collins…”

He continued: “I think that’s why the band did these songs. As for me – I did it to put the record straight. Pun intended.”

The Brighton band plan to release their second album of original material in early 2010.

They have embarked on a UK tour with The Random Family and play The Library in Leeds tonight, followed by gigs in Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol and London.

For more  info see www.myspace.com/themiserablerich.

Words: Lynn Roberts