Put your questions to our Schmercury nominees

Last week we had a hard time whittling down all your brilliant suggestions from our best album long-list. Now, in the run up announcing the winner, we have a lot of exciting Schmercury-related happenings at FFS towers. Today, we’re asking for your suggestions for questions to put to all 12 of our nominees.

The shortlisted albums are:

Alessi’s Ark – Notes From A Treehouse (myspace spotify)
Butcher Boy – React or Die (myspace)
Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career (myspace spotify)
Darren Hayman – Pram Town (myspace spotify)
The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love (Spotify)
Drever, Mccusker and Woomble – Before the Ruin (stream from website spotify)
Emmy The Great – First Love (myspace spotify)
Grant Campbell – Expecting Great Things (stream from website myspace)
Jeffrey Lewis – ‘Em Are I (myspace spotify)
St Vincent – Actor (myspace spotify)
The Leisure Society – The Sleeper
(myspace spotify)
Wildbirds & Peacedrums – The Snake
(myspace spotify)

Send your ideas for questions to schmercuries [at] forfolkssake.com, or if you’re one of the twitterati, you can tweet suggestions to us @forfolkssake. Or visit our blog and post them there.

And, if you’ve not already, remember you can vote here now.

Voting closes on Monday 8th September, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 9th. Keep watching this space for interviews with the artists and chances to win some really rather exciting prizes.

Words: Lynn Roberts