The Leisure Society sign with Full Time Hobby + free download

Ivor Novello nominees and all-round nice chaps The Leisure Society have signed to Full Time Hobby.

The record label announced this week that they’ll be rereleasing TLS’s lovely album The Sleeper as a double CD pack on 5th October. The second disc will be an eight track EP consisting of B-sides and demos including the band’s cover of Cars by Gary Numan, which they played at the Wilkommen Collective’s Union Chapel show.

The band are re-recording FFS’s favourite track ‘Save it for Someone Who Cares’ for the new version of the album. And ‘The Last of the Melting Snow’ is set for another release next Christmas. The Sleeper sold 8,000 copies the first time round. The re-release is also going to be available on vinyl for those of us clinging desperately to the past. It’s NICE there.

The Leisure Society were nominated for an Ivor Novello in May for their song The Last of the Melting Snow. They lost out to Elbow, but Nick Hemming told us, “Guy Garvey gave me a big hug afterwards and said he thought we’d been robbed.”

Full Time Hobby are offering up album track ‘We Were Wasted’ for free download. The Leisure Society are playing London’s ULU on 22nd July. Tickets. For more music and dates and what not visit TLS’s Myspace.

Exciting stuff.

Words: Lynn Roberts