First Aid Kit hit London for three February shows

First Aid Kit will be arriving to patch up London town with an instore set at Pure Groove Records on Monday February 23rd at 1:15 pm.  Yes, this is lunchtime and yes, it’s a Monday, but we put it to you, FFS fans, that we can fill that wee record shop with like-minded individuals and make Monday that little bit brighter.  These special Swedish siblings will delight your ears with their simmering harmonies and light-as-the breeze melodies.  And if you don’t believe us here they are in the woods singing Tiger Mountain Song by the Fleet Foxes.

Pretty special eh?

Take a long lunch to catch them for free if you can, but if not you have two more chances to catch these young ladies before they skip back to the continent.  They’ll be at the Camden Enterprise on the evening of the 23rd for £10, then at The Borderline with Richard Swift on the 24th for £5.

There you go.  No excuses.

Words: Helen True