Beirut back after months in the wilderness

After months of silence following the heartbreaking news that Beirut were cancelling their summer shows, central troubadour Zac Condon has announced the release of two EPs next February.

The band’s website has been eerily quiet since April 3, when a message from Zac attempted to explain the forthcoming hiatus while paying tribute to the people who helped create 2006’s ‘Gulag Orkestar’, and the much vaunted ‘The Flying Club Cup’ the following year.

He said: “It’s come time to change some things, reinvent some others, and come back at some point with a fresh perspective and batch of songs.”

Seems he’s been as good as his word, with the announcement of band-led ‘March of the Zapotec’ and solo effort ‘Holland’ – recorded under the alias Realpeople – which seems to indicate his love affair with all things European is not at an end.

Preliminary tracklists for the albums are –

March of the Zapotec

  1. ‘El Zocalo’
  2. ‘La Llorna’
  3. ‘My Wife’
  4. ‘The Akara’
  5. ‘On a Bayonet’
  6. ‘The Shrew’


  1. ‘My Night With a Prostitute From Marseille’
  2. ‘My Wife, Lost in the Wild’
  3. ‘Venice’
  4. ‘The Concubine’
  5. ‘No Dice’


Words: Mike Didymus