Exclusive: Laura Marling denies Wiley collaboration

Folk Darling Laura Marling told FFS that despite reports she has no plans to work with rapper Wiley.

In an interview with the Daily Star last week, the grime MC claimed he had been speaking to Laura about the possibility of a collaboration.

But when FFS asked Laura about the plans she said: “I have no idea where that’s come from! Somebody forwarded me the link to a story about it the other day.”

Wiley reportedly told the paper: “We’ve spoken a few times on the phone and we’re definitely going to do something together.”

Laura says they’ve never spoken and said, if the reports were true, “I think he’s telling a little lie, there!”

Laura Marling is currently on a UK tour with Jay Jay Pistolet in support. Read For Folk’s Sake’s interview with her here.

Words: Lynn Roberts