Marling and Flynn perform antifolk classic ahead of US tour

The leading lights of Blighty’s burgeoning folk resurgence, Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling, have joined forces to knock out a version of American antifolk hero Jeffrey Lewis’ track Travel Light ahead of their impending assault on the states.

The future Mercury Prize winners (well maybe, unlucky this time round Mazzle) were videoed perched on stools singing and whistling away to the duet, originally performed by Lewis with fellow antifolk legend Diane Cluck for his 2000 album AFNY Collaborations: Volume One.

Lovely stuff to put in the old earholes chaps, but could you not have learnt the words rather than gaze at a book the whole way through? And why are you reading the whistling bits too?

Answers to all these questions, or perhaps just the video, can be found here.

Words: Mike Didymus