Wave Power: The Wave Pictures announce green EP

London folk-popsters The Wave Pictures have been laying down their latest record in a solar powered studio in an effort to produce the “greenest EP yet”.

The as-yet-unnamed Moshi Moshi records release will also eschew promo CDs and paper press releases in favour of downloadable online tracks and email plugs.

Moshi Moshi co-founder Michael McClatchey said: “When I mentioned the idea to The Wave Pictures they asked if they could be the ones to do it, and suggested they could walk to the studio from their house.

“The initial aim was to make it carbon-neutral, but it soon became apparent this would be impossible given the power needed to run the servers for delivering the tracks in to iTunes.

“Nevertheless, I believe this should still be the ‘greenest’ record release yet.”

The Wave Pictures’ second EP is due for release on October 6, while a film of the recording process caught on solar powered camera will also be available from the band’s MySpace.

The release follows this year’s debut album Instant Coffee Baby and six track Just Like A Drummer EP, while their second album is penned in for the new year.

Words: Mike Didymus