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For Folk’s Sake Interview: The Dø

Jo Legg conducts a friendly interrogation of super busy genre-hoppers The Dø. This duo make fantastic pop songs, and here FFS finds out exactly how they do it.

For Folk’s Sake Interview: Cara Dillon

Celtic darling Cara Dillon was barely out of her teens when she was invited to replace Kate Rusby in the Warner-backed folk supergroup Equation. Cara didn’t stay long with the group, preferring to breakaway with fellow band member Sam Lakeman whom she married and has recorded with ever since. After three albums on Rough Trade, Cara’s latest album Hill of Thieves was recorded at home, produced by Sam and put out on their own label. It finds the couple returned to their folk roots with simple acoustic versions of traditional songs. Cara talked to FFS about breaking free from major record labels and the challenges of touring while being a mum, but only after she had put the twins to bed.

FFS Interview: A Murder of Rooks

Isobel Morris and Jim Kimberley began their music careers in folk clubs before meeting and forming alt-rock duo Bruise. After years of jamming folk songs with friends the couple have returned to their roots, teaming up with Nottingham based guitarist Gary Southwell to form A Murder of Rooks. FFS caught up with Jim and Isobel in The Pelton Arms in Greenwich at the monthly Sunday afternoon folk session which they host.

For Folk’s Sake Interview: Roddy Woomble

“The thing that always interests me about writing songs is that they don’t have to make sense but they can still be about something, just by the way they make you feel when you listen to it. I think that’s why people dedicate their lives to records, because there’s always something else to wonder about.”

FFS Ones to watch: Draw Me Stories

“There’s a difference between a Welsh band and a Wales-based band,” says Draw Me Stories singer, Carl Hodgetts. “Wales can be a bit insular and much of the music that comes out of here is pigeonholed. People are often surprised that we’re not Welsh.”

For Folk’s Sake interview: Anika meets St Vincent

FFS contributor Anika (who runs music blog Anika in London) is one of St Vincent’s biggest fans so when FFS got the chance to interview the Oklahoma-born singer, it was only right that Anika should be the one to do the honours. When we received the transcript at FFS HQ we were so charmed we decided to put it up in full…

For Folk’s Sake interview: Ryan O’Reilly

The first two times Ryan O’Reilly played his songs live, fights broke out. Both times he was 16 and both were in the usually sleepy county of Hampshire where he lived before moving to London to study.

For Folk’s Sake interview: Broadcast 2000

Broadcast 2000 is the stage name of Joe Steer, a Devon-born London-based classical music graduate with a unique take on folk using computer-generated looping of acoustic instruments. His music has appeared on adverts including E.ON in the UK and apple mac in America. His first mini-album Building Blocks was released last year. FFS caught up with him last month at a the Carling Academy in Islington.

Anika recommends: Sharon Van Etten

Who? A talented young singer songwriter from Brooklyn with a voice worthy of your complete undivided attention. Has performed with many other artists, including Matteah Baim, Meg Baird, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Jana Hunter and Phosphorescent. She also lends her voice to The Antlers on their New York Hospitals EP and 2009 release Hospice.