Interview | FFS 5 with Resurrection Fern

The world is changing, and the 2020s are ushering them in full-swing as the internet’s role in offering a platform for the creative process expands at a spitfire pace. Over the last handful of years, streaming gameplay, music, live interviews and beyond on platforms like Twitch has hit the international spotlight and has even produced superstars. For many creatives, it’s offering a brand new outlet for artistic expression and a simple platform from which to communicate with their fans.

Resurrection Fern is one such creative. Known for her musical performances on Twitch, she has garnered considerable attention with her engrossing covers of songs ranging from John Denver to The Witcher as well as her original works. Her new six-track EP, titled Fern, is enveloped in her own serene songwriting. Herein, Resurrection Fern establishes herself further as a legitimate indie folk artist with a knack for making heartfelt connections with her listeners in the “fernFam”.

Resurrection Fern recently worked with For Folk’s Sake on our first FFS 5 entry of the decade, in which artists collaborating with us on answering the same series of five questions.

Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and how did you get started in music? Any defining moments along the path to present day?

I’m from a mysterious land that my community refers to as “The Fern Grotto”, “Fern Gully”, or “FernLand”. I don’t share my personal location. Initially it was because the nature of my business, live-streaming, invites internet trolls that love to exploit your personal information, but now, it’s become a fun part of my identity to my fanbase. The “mystery” of my origin adds to the fun. :)

My business, however, is based out of Nashville. My business address, and most of my music, is recorded there.

As for how I got started in music, I’ve been singing publicly since about the age of four. My father is a singer-songwriter as well, though he took a long hiatus from music full-time to get a “cooperate” job so that he could support my mother’s dreams (she’s an artist) and mine. I’ll be forever grateful for his selflessness. We would perform together in church, school, and local events throughout my upbringing. Then, he put me through college when I decided I wanted to get my degree in Music with a Concentration in Voice and a minor in Theater.

I initially planned on pursuing a full-time career in Musical Theater, but my final year of college I met my husband, and I was already performing professionally in the theater circuit locally and teaching private voice and acting lessons, so I was content with that for the time being. However, that career pursuit was halted about 6 months into our marriage when first, we found out we were pregnant with my daughter, and then, a few weeks later, realized both my life and my daughter’s, was in extreme danger. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (formally known as juvenile diabetes) and all “hell broke loose” so to say. I spent several days in the hospital getting stable, checking on the health of my daughter, and learning how to care for my chronic illness via insulin therapy.

I took about a year hiatus from work/my career to build my strength again and adjust to a new way of living. I love being a mother and wife, but there has always been a passion in me to share my art with the world, and it simply can’t be quieted. Looking back on my life once I was well enough to start pursuing my passion again, I had a different perspective. Endless rehearsals and tours seemed less desirable, and returning to my roots of being a singer-songwriter with my past in folk, Americana, and indie music a new calling.  

My health was still fragile (as it is to this day), so the constant grind of gigs and touring wasn’t an option right off the back (I now gig regularly and have a European tour being tentatively planned for next year as I’ve learned to manage my disease better). That’s when my husband found a reddit post about “live streaming music”. A singer-songwriter was making his full-time living writing and performing his music live on

Do you know how sometimes, a realization hits you and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you have to give it a try? That was me with live-streaming my music on twitch. The rest is history! Within a years’ time I’d “retired” as a voice/acting teacher and was streaming my music full time and making a living building my Resurrection Fern Twitch channel. Now, about 4 years later, I’ve recorded and released two professional albums, become a Twitch and YouTube partner, and have my music released on all major platforms. I’m so blessed that my story has veered away from what I had “planned” to “what I was meant to do and be”.

As an artist, how do you define success?

Continuously growing the reach of my music to people and places that will be inspired by what I have to offer. When I leave this world, I want to leave behind music that is available to anyone/everyone that can help others long after I’m gone. The completeness and fulfillment I experience when my music is doing well and expanding its reach is something I think only other souls like mine can understand. The essence of your calling being fulfilled. Also, in more practical terms, making enough financially to give back. Give back to my family that has supported me so greatly, and to causes that I believe in, like Type 1 Diabetes awareness/research.  

What do you find to be your greatest struggle when it comes to the music business?

Expanding my reach/fanbase beyond my own self-built community. As an independent artist, navigating the waters of self promotions is exhausting and often nowhere near as fruitful as you hope it would be. The promotion you get with having a label/record deal is something almost impossible to achieve as an indie artist, but at this time, it is worth it to me to maintain creative and financial control of my business and music.

What do you think is the most realistic goal you can achieve as an artist/band? What do you hope to achieve?

Honestly, the sky is the limit. Or maybe beyond. You can stream music to the international space station, yes?

Oh wait, did you say “realistic”? Hmmm well, I’m “realistically” achieving my goals right now. Making a living (though it’s a LOT of work) doing what I love, and slowly expanding my music and presence throughout the world. Indie artists “grind” because they can’t stop. Whenever I’m not pursuing expressing and sharing my art, I feel lost.

Outside of music, what do you like to do that you feel contributes to the creativity that you tap into for your music?

Spending time in nature, and with my husband, daughter, parents, close friends, and my “fernFam” (my amazing supportive fanbase) on my live-streams.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm