Gallery | Papa Mike Ronstadt’s 65th Birthday Memorial Concert @ Monterey Court, Tucson

On almost every last Sunday of the month throughout the year, you will find P.D. Ronstadt & the Company bringing their southwestern blend of blues, folk, and rock to Tucson’s Monterey Court. Predating the Company was Ronstadt Generations, a band fronted by Company man Petie alongside brother Michael G. Ronstadt and father, Michael J. “Papa Mike” Ronstadt. The three of them have been For Folk’s Sake favorites for a number of years now, so it is more than a pleasure to publish the latest in photographer Amber Lee Irwin’s gallery series. In it, she has captured the August 26 celebration of Papa Mike’s 65th birthday, where a who’s-who of Tucson musicians came together to remember a dear friend and invaluable, irreplaceable member of our community.

The night included appearances from the following, but are not limited to: P.D. Ronstadt & the Company (Petie Ronstadt, Bobby Ronstadt, Alex Flores, Brian Matyjasik, Sam Eagon), Don Armstrong, Heather Hardy, Alvin Blaine, Sabra Faulk, Ted Ramirez, Charlie Hall, Slim Rost, and Jim Brady.

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Photos: Amber Lee Irwin