Blog | FFS takeover BBC 6 Music for Laura Marling-themed show

laura marling 2

We were very honoured to be invited to takeover part of Tom Robinson’s show on BBC 6 Music tonight.

Tom and his team were celebrating Laura Marling’s forthcoming album Once I Was An Eagle with a LM-inspired playlist, and knowing just how much we love Ms Marling, they asked us to pick a few songs in the run-up. You might have seen us tweeting about them over @forfolkssake.

Here’s what we played…

Wintersleep – Weighty Ghost from the Canadian group’s 2007 record Welcome to the Night Sky.

Worry Dolls – Darling, duo Zoe and Rosie are pals with the Staves and share their love of harmonies. They’ve just released their debut EP, which is a BEAUT. Read our Worry Dolls interview here.

Caitlin Rose – Only A Clown from her magnificent new album The Stand-In.

Judee Sill – Soldier of the Heart. There’s not enough Judee on the radio. Part of the Laurel Canyon crowd in the 1970s along with artists like Joni Mitchell, David Crosby and the Mamas & Papas, she made two fantasic albums ‘Judee Sill’ and ‘Heart Food’ before sadly dying of a drug overdose in 1979.

Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer – Clyde Waters from her sublime album of Child Ballads – traditional songs collected by Francis Child in the 1890s. Anais told us about growing up listening to and playing child ballads in this interview.

Noah & the Whale – 5 Years Time. Good reasons to pick this track:
1. It’s a solid gold pophit.
2. It’s For Folk’s Sake’s 5th birthday this year and we’re feeling nostalgic (and unforgivably self-indulgent) and most importantly
3. this is the first time anyone had heard of Laura Marling. And now here she is with her 4th solo album. Imagine that.