Ones to watch: The Agitator

Derek Meins, previously known as “The Famous Poet” and the voice of Eastern Lane has joined forces with human drum machine Robert Dylan Thomas to create something in a league of its own.
The Agitator immediately strikes you as something completely different. Relying solely on the power of the drums, Meins’ voice has a chance to reach gargantuan volume. The duo are particularly impressive live as you can see the components of the music working together in tandom. However, the tracks available for streaming on their myspace page are so raw and engaging, it’s easy to imagine what a live show would sound like.

Someone new to this band might assume that you can’t get variety with the bare bones of drums and vocals, but Dylan Thomas and Meins fill their listener’s ears with unrelenting beats that more than make up for the absence of a guitar or piano. From a personal point of view, it’s incredibly refreshing not to have a cut and dry format that involves guitar solos, as this is something that could easily over complicate The Agitator.
If the Agitator were to have a philosophy it would probably come in the form of ‘Get Ready’, an extremely empowering song, which motivates every limb with brilliant lines like “Put up a fight/The best that you can” and “Find your oppressor/Knock on the door/Tell them there’s no time to wait anymore”.
Meins in particular seems tired of audiences that are unwilling to fully engage with live music, though admits since the project is fresh off the starting blocs, it’s understandable that not everyone is whipping out their dancing shoes straightaway.
Even if you’re not the dancing type however, you’ll definitely want to agitate to your heart’s content and this terrible twosome have got some advice for you. Now is the time to agitate.
Words and art: Mary Machin