Anika recommends: Wildbirds and Peacedrums

Who? Swedish husband and wife duo Andres Werliin and Mariam Wallentin. One of the most intensely passionate live bands you could ever hope to see.


What? The band have released two albums, the latest being masterpiece The Snake. Not a single weak track on the album, every song will have your heart racing. The synergy between Mariam’s vocals and Andreas’ rhythms will have you crying with absolute joy (or maybe that’s just me?).


Their first album, Heartcore, is also worth picking up, featuring standout tracks like ‘I Can’t Tell In His Eyes’ and ‘The Ones That Should Save Me Get Me Down’. This is a band you need to see live to fully appreciate. Mariam’s vocals are truly spectacular, coupled with her emotionate and extravagant gestures and Andreas’ powerful drumming, it’s a sight (and sound) to behold. 


Watch Live version of Doubt/Hope from Heartcore, and the live version of My Heart (one of the best live songs EVER). The band also recently recorded a session for Bandstand Busking.

What else? Londoners shouldn’t miss the June 5th show at The Coronet, where the duo will be joined by an epic 20 piece drum circle. 

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Anika Mottershaw runs music blog Anika in London