Author: Robbie Hayward

Single Review: Planet Earth – Bergman Movies

Planet Earth – the musical equivalent of cider, wooly jumpers and sheep farming – are twee beyond belief and I love it.

‘Bergman Movies’ is a typical Planet Earth song: devastatingly simple, using a very basic chord sequence with a gentle layering of instruments. The lyrics are neither tired and hackneyed, nor pretentious and aloof, but comfortingly delightful and homely.

Album Review: Immaculate Machine – High on Jackson Hill

“Mystic Rainbow, he’s a biter/Red Volcano, he’s a biter” – I couldn’t tell you what that means, but I’ve had those lines from ‘He’s A Biter’, the fifth track on Immaculate Machine’s new album High on Jackson Hill stuck in my head for the last few days.

That’s not a bad thing.