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#456 Suntrapp – Silhouettes

If you list your key influences as Neil Young and the Beach Boys, you’re pretty much conspiring to target us here at FFS (Or at least most of us). So it’s no surprise that we keep coming back to tracks…

#345 Suntrapp – New Morning

Suntrapp, the indie-folk project of Jake Houlsby, return with ‘New Morning’, recorded over two days at Camden’s Roundhouse as part of the 30/30 project. The new single, the follow-up to the delightful ‘All The Seas’, is released on February 17.

#171 Suntrapp – All The Seas

From up in Newcastle come Suntrapp, whose debut single ‘All The Seas’ is out now. It fills three and a bit minutes of these fading days of summer with rolling rhythms and memories of time spent at the beach, and…