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Album | She Keeps Bees – Dig On

The highlights of the album were the moments that allow singer Jessica Larrabee to her vocals and her lyrics stand-alone and be appreciated. A brilliant example of this is present in the short, closing number, Burn. At first singing accapella before being accompanied by the sparsest of beats from musical partner Andy LaPlant, Larrabee almost challenges you to try and forget her warm, secure vocals and her well-spun tales…

EP: She Keeps Bees – Revival

She Keeps Bees are a little 2-piece from Brooklyn consisting of Jessica Larrabee and Andy Laplant, but don’t be fooled by their size, the band should really be set for big things. With this EP, Revival, we hear exactly what these guys are about- simple stripped down bluesy genius. And stripped down/ simple bluesy genius just so happens to be my favourite kind of genius. There’s just something about a band that have the power to blow away an audience with a single vocal, a guitar and some drums that gets to me.

Anika recommends: She Keeps Bees

What’s the worst thing that could happen to a bee keeper? I guess it would be to have your beloved bees turn on you whilst simultaneously discovering you are alergic to bee stings. Ack! Lets not wish that upon anyone. Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant spent the entire summer (BEE SEASON) in the UK, visiting all the way from Brooklyn, playing dozens of shows.

Surprise visit from Morrissey at She Keeps Bees album launch

She Keeps Bees, Babe Shadow and the Dufflefolks had a bit of a surprise last night when miserablist legend Morrissey turned up to their gig at The Old Queen’s Head. Speaking to FFS, Dufflefolks guitarist and bassist Louis said: “He…