Playlist | Brian’s Dory Previn playlist

Our resident playlist-putting-together owl Brian has always been a big fan of 70s singer-songwriter Dory Previn, and was very sad to hear about her death this week. In case you’re not already a Dory fan, he has collected his favourite of her songs to show you what you’ve been missing.

A playlist for the end of the world

The ol’ playlisting ground to a resounding halt when Brian got himself into what can only be described as “a MASSIVE HUFF” over Spotify’s user-unfriendly changes. Huffing is terribly unattractive behaviour, (especially for one who considers himself to be wise),…

Brian’s Mixtape #44: Then & Now

FFS turned two last month, and while we don’t like to make a fuss, it’s made us a tad reflective. Especially Brian, who’s a sentimental sort of owl. He has been remembering all the beautiful music he’s listened to over…